01 SpooQies

Own your own QKD satellite! Based on SpeQtral-1 satellite design, we can deliver a dedicated QKD satellite or a constellation of satellites. Designed to support entanglement based as well as prepare and measure based quantum payloads, SpooQie satellites offer tailored solutions for sovereign customers aiming to fortify the security of their most sensitive communications. These satellites use cutting-edge quantum technology to generate and deliver unbreakable encryption keys directly to optical ground stations, anywhere in the world. We even handle the orbital delivery for you, so you can focus on what matters most: building secure communication services tailored to your specific needs.

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Spe Qtral 1 satellite 1

02 QuantOptix

Want to add QKD to your own satellite? The QuantOptix satellite terminal is based on SpeQtral-1 and is targeted to sovereign customers or large organizations that have a need to use their dedicated platforms for QKD services. This groundbreaking technology also comes with laser communications capabilities to enable different methods of key exchange beyond QKD. Designed to support entanglement as well as prepare and measure based QKD payloads, this turnkey solution can be used to rapidly upgrade existing communications infrastructure to be quantum safe.

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SQUINT, SpeQtral's polarization entangled photon pair QKD system consists of a proprietary quantum source and receiver, with an option to add SpeQtral's software solution to build a quantum experiment test bed. With small form-factor of 1U each, entangled photon pair generation rate of up to 45 million, and qualification completed for space use this product is ready to be deployed in space missions.

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04 TarQIS

Introducing TarQIS, SpeQtral's Mobile Quantum Optical Ground Station designed for deploying ultra-secure quantum network infrastructure at essential locations like data centers, financial institutions, and government entities. With a modular and portable design, TarQIS allows seamless network upgrades at any location, requiring only an unobstructed view of the sky, standard power, and an ethernet connection. Key features include support for BBM92 and BB84 protocols, automated telescope functionality, robust satellite tracking in challenging weather, and a built-in office with a server rack for edge deployment.

For customers ready for permanent or rooftop installations, we can either retrofit existing optical ground stations or build a new one at your preferred location.

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05 Backend Quantum Unit

The Backend Quantum Unit (BQU) is designed as a plug and play solution to enable existing Optical Ground Stations (OGS’) to seamlessly receive quantum signals and integrate to the quantum secure network. If the OGS’ have an existing optical bench, the BQU can be mounted at the rear with the help of an interface mount. For other telescope configurations, SpeQtral can work on a custom interface mount to integrate the BQU. Small form factor, low power requirements, and standard interfaces make it an ideal choice for all kinds of OGS'.

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