Meet the team

Lum Chune Yang BG

Co-founder and CEO

Chune Yang Lum

With 15+ years of diverse experience spanning quantum, space, and telecommunications sectors, Chune Yang’s distinctive blend of technical and business acumen was honed through strategic roles at industry leaders including SES and the Centre for Quantum Technologies.

Robert Bedington BG

Co-founder and CTO

Dr. Robert Bedington

With 15+ years in satellite technology, Rob led the satellite team for the ground-breaking SpooQy-1 mission, demonstrating the world’s first photon entanglement in a nanosatellite. Rob received the MIT Innovator under 35 award for pioneering Satellite Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) at the renowned Centre for Quantum Technologies

Alex Dixon

Head of Quantum Technology

Dr. Alexander Dixon

With an extensive 15+ years dedicated to pioneering research and development in quantum information and quantum cryptography, Alex brings an impressive track record of over a decade's worth of breakthrough research at Toshiba Corporation. Alex’s expertise spans both hardware and software, with a proven ability to construct cutting-edge quantum key distribution systems.

Artur Ekert BG

Chief Scientific Officer & Board Member​

Prof. Artur Ekert FRS

Renowned pioneer in quantum cryptography, Artur holds positions at the University of Oxford and the National University of Singapore. Hailed as the creator of the Ekert91 Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocol, Artur is also the Founding Director of the Centre for Quantum Technologies and is a Fellow of The Royal Society and the Singapore National Academy of Science.

Hari Ramachandran BG

Chief Strategy Officer & Board Member​

Hari Ramachandran

With a robust 30+ years of expertise in commercializing deep tech startups, Hari currently serves as a Venture Partner at Xora Innovation. Hari has a track record of successfully launching multiple startups and playing a pivotal role in ventures dedicated to pioneering novel technologies for global industry leaders such as Hewlett Packard, LG, Samsung, Casio, and Visa

Carl Ward

Advisory Board Member

Carl Ward

With 40 years of experience in driving business transformation through advanced technologies, Carl was the former global chief technologist for Accenture's Public Sector Division. He has a proven track record of defining and spearheading expansive digital transformation initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region. Carl holds a degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, and his passion for quantum technologies fuels his pursuit of excellence in the dynamic realms of technology and business innovation.

Carlos Cid

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Carlos Cid

Prof. Carlos Cid, Director of Simula UiB, leads cutting-edge research in cryptography and information theory. As an Adjunct Professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), he heads the Applied Cryptography Unit and contributes to OIST's Centre for Quantum Technologies. With nearly two decades at Royal Holloway University of London, Carlos is a renowned expert in cyber security, specialising in algebraic cryptanalysis, quantum-resistant cryptology, secure computation, and cyber economics.

John Prisco

Advisory Board Member

John Prisco

John Prisco, a seasoned leader with a 30-year track record, excels in driving revenue growth and operational excellence. With successful exits at Triumfant, Penn Access, GeoVantage, and Ridgeway Systems, his expertise spans across telecommunications, cybersecurity, and quantum physics. Holding a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Master's in Quantum Optics from MIT, Prisco also serves as Chairman of the QED-C Use Cases Technical Advisory Committee.

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SpeQtral is always interested in hearing about passionate people who might be a good match for our team. If you have a background in electronics (detectors, lasers), optics (telescopes, guidance systems), embedded software, etc, we would like to hear from you.

If this sounds like you, or you think you would be a great fit for our team, do drop us a message along with your CV below and we will get back to you when we can.