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SpeQtral, a pioneer in quantum communications, is seeking a Vice President of Engineering to lead the development and drive the productization of its quantum communications and security product line. The VP of Engineering will play a crucial role in managing and expanding SpeQtral’s innovative quantum secure products and services that protect global telecommunication networks. The selected candidate will report directly to the CEO.


  • Lead multidisciplinary engineering teams, including hardware, software, electronics and mechanical engineering, to drive the development and implementation of quantum-safe solutions.
  • Oversee the development and delivery of products, including space-based quantum sources, satellite optical terminals, optical ground stations and manage a portfolio of software protocol stacks around quantum security.
  • Engage with senior management and the board of directors to present strategic updates and progress and collaborate on building a product and technology roadmap.
  • Work closely with global vendors and strategic partners to enhance technological capabilities and expand market reach.


  • Required Experience: A minimum of 10 years in a leadership capacity within the engineering sector, ideally in telecommunications, networking equipment, EMS or similar industries.
  • Educational Background: Possession of a Bachelor's or higher degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field.
  • Project Management: Demonstrated ability in steering large-scale, intricate projects and leading diverse engineering teams.
  • Engineering Practices: Proficient in implementing robust engineering processes, including setting documentation standards, conducting engineering audits, and maintaining quality frameworks.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Skilled in interacting with high-level stakeholders and adept at presenting complex information to boards of directors and investors.
  • Vendor Management: Experienced in managing international vendors and willing to undertake global travel as necessary.
  • Product Development: Established track record of overseeing the full product lifecycle, from laboratory prototypes to production and commercial-scale deployment.
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Management: Skilled in managing internal trade secrets and intellectual properties, and manage process with external patent attorneys to file new patents.
  • Systems Integration: Capable of grasping system-level concepts efficiently (you don’t need to be a Quantum Scientist!) to manage the integration of complex systems effectively.

Company Background: SpeQtral is based in Singapore and specializes in developing quantum communications technology. The company aims to secure global networks against emerging cyber threats through innovative quantum-safe solutions. SpeQtral has been at the forefront of deploying quantum network technologies, including Singapore's first nationwide quantum-safe network and various satellite-based quantum communication systems.

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