Securing Global Networks in the Quantum Era

At SpeQtral, we’re merging space-based transmission with terrestrial fibre to create a quantum key distribution communication network that will ensure absolute data security for governments, corporations, and tomorrow’s most sensitive communications.

01 SpeQtral’s Global Quantum Safe Network

Quantum safe terrestrial network

Quantum-Safe Terrestrial Networks:

SpeQtral, in partnership with Telcos, is implementing fibre-based Quantum Key Distribution solutions for metropolitan communication networks​

Icon Satellite

Quantum-Safe Global Network:

Satellites generate and transmit un-hackable symmetric quantum keys used to secure existing communication infrastructure over long distances​

Global quantum fabric

A Global Quantum Fabric:

This represents a collection of hardware and software systems that seamlessly integrate the Quantum-Safe Satellite and Quantum-Safe Terrestrial networks. ​

Spooqy 1 parallax bg v2
Spooqy 1 parallax v2

SpooQy-1 deployment from the International Space Station, June 2019

02 The quantum threat

Bad actors aren't waiting — We are at the brink of a computing revolution, one that will render the majority of mathematical cryptographic protocols obsolete. And bad actors aren't waiting. They are intercepting and storing encrypted data today, keeping it for the time when decryption takes minutes, not eons.

Quantum threat bg

Our quantum solution

Security for the quantum era — By combining SpeQtral’s deep understanding of quantum mechanics and our robust technology portfolio, we ensure sovereign networks, communication infrastructure, healthcare, and financial institutions remain secure in the quantum era.

Fibre-based Quantum Key Distribution for metropolitan communication networks​

03 How our QKD solution works

Our integrated approach to quantum communications, including terrestrial and satellite QKD technologies and PQC, sets the foundations for the backbone of a global quantum internet.

Diagram V2

04 Our progress towards deploying global quantum networks

06 Our investors